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The Tizonia Project

  • A command-line streaming music client/server for Linux.
  • Support for Spotify (Premium), Google Play Music (free and paid tiers), YouTube, SoundCloud, Dirble, Plex servers and Chromecast devices.
  • The first open-source implementation of OpenMAX IL 1.2.

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NOTE: Please remember to also visit Tizonia’s website at http://www.tizonia.org There is always some more info on what is going on with the latest releases.
  • [2019-03-13] Tizonia v0.18.0. Various improvements and bug fixes in Google Music and Spotify.
  • [2019-01-17] Tizonia v0.17.0. Fixed Spotify login issues. A regression introduced in v0.16.0. This issue was identified and fixed thanks to the great feedback provided by the users in issue #531.
  • [2018-12-03] Tizonia v0.16.0. Improved Spotify support with more options to dicover new music rather than just playing the content that you know and love. Last but not least, docker-tizonia has been updated! (many thanks to Josh5).
  • [2018-06-15] Tizonia v0.15.0. Reworked Spotify support to overcome playlist search problems that arised in libspotify. Now spotipy is being used to retrieve track, artist, album, and playlist metadata from Spotify.
  • [2018-04-20] Tizonia v0.14.0. Added support for Google Play Music stations for non-subscribers and YouTube channels (uploads and playlists). Also added option to play the user’s entire Google Play Music library.
  • [2017-12-28] Snap Package and Docker Image available.
  • [2017-08-26] tizonia-all and tizonia-all-git packages submitted to the Arch User Repository
  • [2017-05-04] Summer of Code 2017: Add OpenMAX state tracker in Mesa/Gallium that uses Tizonia (X.Org Foundation project, with Gurkirpal Singh and Julien Isorce).


Debian / Ubuntu / Raspbian

Available from Bintray, with the following distro/arch combinations:

| Ubuntu Xenial (16.04) | Ubuntu Bionic (18.04) | Debian Stretch (9) | Raspbian Stretch (9) | Debian Buster (10) | | :—: | :—: | :—: | :—: | :—: | | amd64, armhf | amd64, armhf | amd64, armhf | armhf | amd64 | | https://api.bintray.com/packages/tizonia/ubuntu/tizonia-xenial/images/download.svgDownload | https://api.bintray.com/packages/tizonia/ubuntu/tizonia-bionic/images/download.svgDownload | https://api.bintray.com/packages/tizonia/debian/tizonia-stretch/images/download.svgDownload | https://api.bintray.com/packages/tizonia/raspbian/tizonia-stretch/images/download.svgDownload | https://api.bintray.com/packages/tizonia/debian/tizonia-buster/images/download.svgDownload |

NOTE: Elementary OS, Linux Mint, Kali Linux are supported on releases based on Ubuntu ‘Xenial’ or ‘Bionic’ and Debian ‘Buster’.

Please note that the recommended way to install Tizonia on a Debian-compatible system is by running the following command:

    $ curl -kL https://github.com/tizonia/tizonia-openmax-il/raw/master/tools/install.sh | bash

    # Or its shortened version:

    $ curl -kL https://goo.gl/Vu8qGR | bash
NOTE: This script installs the latest release and all the dependencies.
NOTE: The usual disclaimers apply: trust no-one. You should have a look at the installation script before running it on your system!.

Arch User Repository (AUR)

    # Please note that if you are upgrading your existing
    # Tizonia installation, you *need* to uninstall it before installing a new version.
    # See GitHub issue https://github.com/tizonia/tizonia-openmax-il/issues/485

    # For the latest stable release
    $ git clone https://aur.archlinux.org/tizonia-all.git
    $ cd tizonia-all
    $ makepkg -si

    # or for the bleeding edge
    $ git clone https://aur.archlinux.org/tizonia-all-git.git
    $ cd tizonia-all
    $ makepkg -si

Snap Package

A ‘snap’ package is now available to download from the ‘Global’ snap store (‘stable’ channel). For more details visit:

To install, first visit Install Snapd and make sure that your Linux distro is supported. Follow the instructions to get the ‘snapd’ service running on your system, and finally use this command to install Tizonia:

$ sudo snap install tizonia

Tizonia’s snapcraft.yaml file is hosted in its own repository:

Docker Image

Tizonia can also be run from a Docker container. A Docker image is available from the Docker hub:


To use Spotify, Google Play Music, SoundCloud, Dirble and Plex introduce your credentials in Tizonia’s config file (see instructions inside this file for more information):

    ( On first use, Tizonia outputs its configuration file, if it is not there yet )

    $ tizonia --help

    ( now edit $HOME/.config/tizonia/tizonia.conf )

    ( NOTE: If Tizonia was installed from the 'snap' package, use this path instead )
    ( $HOME/snap/tizonia/current/.config/tizonia/tizonia.conf )

Upgrade (Debian / Ubuntu / Raspbian)

To upgrade, simply re-run the install script. This is the most convienent way of upgrading the software and all its dependencies.

If you prefer to do it manually, it is a two-step process. Run ‘apt-get’ as usual to upgrade the Debian packages, but also make sure the various Python dependencies are up-to-date, as follows:

    # Step1: This will update Tizonia's Debian packages
    $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

    # Step2: Tizonia's Python dependencies
    # (Note that new versions of some of these Python packages are released frequently,
    # so you should do this frequently, even if there isn't a new Tizonia release)
    $ sudo -H pip install --upgrade gmusicapi soundcloud youtube-dl pafy pycountry titlecase pychromecast plexapi fuzzywuzzy eventlet && sudo -H pip install git+https://github.com/plamere/spotipy.git --upgrade


Roughly in priority order:

  • Pandora support (#340).
  • RPC interface / headless support (#488, #509, #551).
  • Airsonic/Subsonic support (#496).
  • Deezer support (#498)
  • Tidal support (#440)
  • OS X port (#316).
  • Support for YouTube live streams (#391).
  • REPL command-line interface.


  • See PROJECT.md to discover other facts about the project.
  • See CONTRIBUTING.md to learn how to contribute to Tizonia.
  • See CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md to keep Tizonia an open and welcoming environment.
  • See BUILDING.md for instructions on how to build Tizonia from source.
  • See docs.tizonia.org for the project’s official documentation.
  • The Wiki may also contain some useful information (although in need of an update).
  • See CHANGELOG.md for details on what has gone into each release of the project.
  • Tizonia OpenMAX IL is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3.
  • Finally, please visit the project web site at http://tizonia.org