The Project's Building Blocks

tizonia: A command-line cloud music player and audio streaming client/server.

  • Stream playlists from Spotify (Spotify Premium required).
  • Search and stream audio from Google Play Music (including Unlimited features).
  • Search and stream audio from YouTube.
  • Search and stream audio from SoundCloud.
  • Search and stream Internet radio stations with Dirble.
  • Playback of local media files (mp3, mp2, mpa, m2a, aac, ogg/vorbis, opus, wav, aiff, and flac).
  • Icecast/SHOUTcast streaming LAN server (mp3).
  • Icecast/SHOUTcast streaming client (mp3, aac, and opus).
  • Daemon and command line modes (no GUI).
  • MPRIS D-BUS v2 media player remote control interface (basic controls only).
  • Based on Tizonia's own OpenMAX IL-based multimedia framework. That means, no gstreamer, libav, or ffmpeg dependencies.

Tizonia's OpenMAX IL 1.2 plugins

  • Spotify streaming service client (libspotify),
  • Google Play Music streaming service client (based on gmusicapi)
  • YouTube audio streaming service client (based on pafy)
  • SoundCloud streaming service client (based on soundcloud-python)
  • Dirble internet radio station directory (Dirble REST API + libcurl)
  • mp3 decoders (libmad and libmpg123),
  • mpeg audio (mp2) decoder (libmpg123),
  • Sampled sound formats decoder (various pcm formats, including wav, etc, based on libsndfile)
  • AAC decoder (libfaad),
  • OPUS decoders (libopus and libopusfile)
  • FLAC decoder (libflac)
  • VORBIS decoder (libfishsound)
  • PCM renderers (ALSA and Pulseaudio)
  • OGG demuxer (liboggz)
  • WEBM demuxer (libnestegg)
  • HTTP renderer (i.e. ala icecast, for LAN streaming)
  • HTTP source (libcurl)
  • mp3 encoder (LAME),
  • a VP8 video decoder (libvpx),
  • a YUV video renderer (libsdl)
  • general purpose plugins, like binary file readers and writers
  • etc...

Skema: Tizonia's test execution framework for OpenMAX IL components.

  • Test execution framework to build and test arbitrary OpenMAX IL graphs (tunneled and non-tunneled) using a custom, easy-to-write XML syntax.
  • Skema's Github repo:
  • Skema's documentation is located in Tizonia's wiki: