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# The Tizonia Project

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<sub>By <a href=”https://juanrubio.org”>Juan A. Rubio</a> and <a href=”https://github.com/tizonia/tizonia-openmax-il/graphs/contributors”>




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  • [News](#news)

  • [Installation](#installation) - [Debian / Ubuntu / Raspbian](#debian–ubuntu–raspbian) - [Arch User Repository (AUR)](#arch-user-repository-aur) - [Snap Package](#snap-package) - [Docker Image](#docker-image)

  • [Configuration](#configuration)

  • [Upgrade](#upgrade) - [Debian / Ubuntu / Raspbian](#debian–ubuntu–raspbian-1)

  • [Hall of Fame](#hall-of-fame)

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# News

Latest news

  • [2020-05-22] Tizonia

[v0.22.0](https://github.com/tizonia/tizonia-openmax-il/releases/tag/v0.22.0). Added support for iHeart radio, new command-line options to play Spotify recommendations by artist and album name, new keyboard shortcuts and a good number of other fixes and improvements.

> See Tizonia’s website: [Tizonia 0.22.0](https://tizonia.org/news/2020/05/22/release-0-22-0/)

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  • [2020-03-08] Tizonia

[v0.21.0](https://github.com/tizonia/tizonia-openmax-il/releases/tag/v0.21.0). A maintenance release with fixes for YouTube API quota issues, among others.

> See Tizonia’s website: [Tizonia 0.21.0 brings changes to minimize the YouTube > API quota issues](https://tizonia.org/news/2020/03/08/release-0-21-0/)

  • [2020-01-19] Tizonia

[v0.20.0](https://github.com/tizonia/tizonia-openmax-il/releases/tag/v0.20.0). Added support for TuneIn Internet radios, color-themes and a new build system based on Meson (thanks [@lgbaldoni!](https://github.com/lgbaldoni)). A man page has been added and the documentation site has been refreshed. Also tizonia-remote is now distributed in the Debian package plus a good number of fixes, including reviving Chromecast support (still more work needed).

> See Tizonia’s website: [TuneIn Internet radio and podcasts, and color-themes > in Tizonia 0.20.0](https://tizonia.org/news/2020/02/20/release-0-20-0/)

  • [2019-12-13] Tizonia

[v0.19.0](https://github.com/tizonia/tizonia-openmax-il/releases/tag/v0.19.0). Another maintenance release with a good bunch of improvements and bug fixes: Dirble removal (the service is sadly gone), Python 3 migration (please see the section [Upgrade (Debian / Ubuntu / Raspbian)](#upgrade-debian–ubuntu–raspbian) to learn how to install the new Python 3 dependencies!).

> See Tizonia’s website: [Global Spotify playlist search and > other improvements in Tizonia > 0.19.0](https://tizonia.org/news/2019/03/19/release-0-19-0/)

  • [2019-03-13] Tizonia

[v0.18.0](https://github.com/tizonia/tizonia-openmax-il/releases/tag/v0.18.0). Various improvements and bug fixes in Google Music and Spotify.

> See Tizonia’s website: [Fixed ‘Google Play Music tracks cut short’ in Tizonia 0.18.0](https://tizonia.org/news/2019/03/17/release-0-18-0/)

  • [2019-01-17] Tizonia

[v0.17.0](https://github.com/tizonia/tizonia-openmax-il/releases/tag/v0.17.0). Fixed Spotify login issues. A regression introduced in v0.16.0. This issue was identified and fixed thanks to the great feedback provided by the users in issue [#531](https://github.com/tizonia/tizonia-openmax-il/issues/531).

> See Tizonia’s website: [Spotify login issues fixed in Tizonia 0.17.0](https://tizonia.org/news/2019/01/17/release-0-17-0/)

  • [2018-12-03] Tizonia

[v0.16.0](https://github.com/tizonia/tizonia-openmax-il/releases/tag/v0.16.0). Improved Spotify support with more options to dicover new music rather than just playing the content that you know and love. Last but not least, [docker-tizonia](https://hub.docker.com/r/tizonia/docker-tizonia/) has been updated! (many thanks to [Josh5](https://github.com/Josh5)).

> See Tizonia’s website: [More ways to discover music on Spotify with Tizonia 0.16.0](https://tizonia.org/news/2018/12/03/release-0-16-0/)

  • [2018-06-15] Tizonia

[v0.15.0](https://github.com/tizonia/tizonia-openmax-il/releases/tag/v0.15.0). Reworked Spotify support to overcome playlist search problems that arised in libspotify. Now [spotipy](https://github.com/plamere/spotipy) is being used to retrieve track, artist, album, and playlist metadata from Spotify.

> See Tizonia’s website: [Totally revamped Spotify support in Tizonia 0.15.0](https://tizonia.org/news/2018/06/15/release-0-15-0/)

  • [2018-04-20] Tizonia

[v0.14.0](https://github.com/tizonia/tizonia-openmax-il/releases/tag/v0.14.0). Added support for Google Play Music [stations for non-subscribers](https://support.google.com/googleplaymusic/answer/6250894?hl=en) and YouTube channels (uploads and playlists). Also added option to play the user’s entire Google Play Music library.

> See Tizonia’s website: [Tizonia v0.14.0 adds YouTube Channels and Google Play Music stations for non-subscribers](https://tizonia.org/news/2018/04/21/release-0-14-0/)

  • [2017-12-28]

[Snap Package](#snap-package) and [Docker Image](#docker-image) available.

> See Tizonia’s website: [Tizonia v0.13.0 adds support for Plex media servers](https://tizonia.org/news/2018/03/09/release-0-13-0/)

> See Tizonia’s website: [Snap package and Docker image available now!](https://tizonia.org/news/2017/12/30/snap-package-and-docker-image/)

  • [2017-05-04] [Summer of Code 2017: Add OpenMAX state tracker

in Mesa/Gallium that uses Tizonia](https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/projects/#4737166321123328) (X.Org Foundation project, with Gurkirpal Singh and Julien Isorce).



# Installation

## Debian / Ubuntu / Raspbian

Run the following command to install Tizonia on a Debian-compatible system:

`bash $ curl -kL https://github.com/tizonia/tizonia-openmax-il/raw/master/tools/install.sh | bash # Or its shortened version: $ curl -kL https://goo.gl/Vu8qGR | bash `

> NOTE: This script installs the > [latest](https://github.com/tizonia/tizonia-openmax-il/releases/latest) > release and all the dependencies.

> DISCLAIMER: Trust no-one. Please have a look at the installation script > before running it on your system!.

Debian packages are stored on [Bintray](https://bintray.com/tizonia), with the following distro/arch combinations:

<div align=”center”>

<th align=”center”>Ubuntu Bionic</th> <th align=”center”>Ubuntu Focal</th> <th align=”center”>Debian Buster</th> <th align=”center”>Debian Bullseye</th> <th align=”center”>Raspbian Buster</th>

</tr> <tr>

<th align=”center”>(18.04)</th> <th align=”center”>(20.04)</th> <th align=”center”>(10)</th> <th align=”center”>(11)</th> <th align=”center”>(10)</th>


</thead> <tbody>


<td align=”center”>amd64, armhf</td> <td align=”center”>amd64</td> <td align=”center”>amd64, armhf</td> <td align=”center”>amd64</td> <td align=”center”>armhf</td>





<!– | [ ![](https://api.bintray.com/packages/tizonia/ubuntu/tizonia-xenial/images/download.svg) ](https://bintray.com/tizonia/ubuntu/tizonia-xenial/_latestVersion) | [ ![](https://api.bintray.com/packages/tizonia/ubuntu/tizonia-bionic/images/download.svg) ](https://bintray.com/tizonia/ubuntu/tizonia-bionic/_latestVersion) | [ ![](https://api.bintray.com/packages/tizonia/debian/tizonia-buster/images/download.svg) ](https://bintray.com/tizonia/debian/tizonia-buster/_latestVersion) | [ ![](https://api.bintray.com/packages/tizonia/raspbian/tizonia-buster/images/download.svg) ](https://bintray.com/tizonia/raspbian/tizonia-buster/_latestVersion) | [ ![](https://api.bintray.com/packages/tizonia/debian/tizonia-bullseye/images/download.svg) ](https://bintray.com/tizonia/debian/tizonia-bullseye/_latestVersion) | –>

> NOTE: Elementary OS, Linux Mint, Kali Linux are supported on releases based > on Ubuntu ‘Xenial’ or ‘Bionic’, Debian ‘Buster’ or ‘Bullseye’. To install > Tizonia on other versions of Debian or Ubuntu-based distros, use the Snap > package or have a look at > [#631](https://github.com/tizonia/tizonia-openmax-il/issues/631).

## Arch User Repository (AUR)

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```bash # Please note that if you are upgrading your existing # Tizonia installation, you need to uninstall it before building a new version. # See GitHub issue https://github.com/tizonia/tizonia-openmax-il/issues/485

# For the latest stable release $ git clone https://aur.archlinux.org/tizonia-all.git $ cd tizonia-all $ makepkg -si

# There is also a -git package: $ git clone https://aur.archlinux.org/tizonia-all-git.git $ cd tizonia-all $ makepkg -si



## Snap Package

> NOTE: Unfortunately, the snap package is taking too much of my time to > maintain, given the number of other release tasks that I need to deal with > during a normal release cycle of Tizonia. So I’m calling for maintainers for > the Snap package. Please see message in the Snap package repo at > https://github.com/tizonia/tizonia-snap/

A ‘snap’ package is available to download from the ‘Global’ snap store (‘stable’ channel). For more details visit:

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To install, first visit [Install Snapd](https://docs.snapcraft.io/core/install?_ga=2.41936226.1106178805.1514500852-128158267.1514500852) and make sure that your Linux distro is supported. Follow the instructions to get the ‘snapd’ service running on your system, and finally use this command to install Tizonia:


$ sudo snap install tizonia



Tizonia’s snapcraft.yaml file is hosted in a separate repository:

## Docker Image

Tizonia may also be run from a Docker container. A Docker image is available from the Docker hub:


# Configuration

To use Spotify, Google Play Music, SoundCloud and Plex you need to introduce your credentials in Tizonia’s config file. No credentials needed to stream from YouTube or TuneIn.

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```bash ( On first use, Tizonia outputs its configuration file, if it is not there yet )

$ tizonia –help

( now edit $HOME/.config/tizonia/tizonia.conf )

( NOTE: If Tizonia was installed from the ‘snap’ package, use this path instead ) ( $HOME/snap/tizonia/current/.config/tizonia/tizonia.conf ) ```

> NOTE: See full instructions inside [tizonia.conf](https://docs.tizonia.org/manual/config.html).



# Upgrade

## Debian / Ubuntu / Raspbian

To upgrade Tizonia and all its dependencies, simply re-run the installation script.

If you prefer to do it manually, it is a two-step process. Run ‘apt-get’ as usual to upgrade the Debian packages. Finally make sure that the various Python dependencies are up-to-date.

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# Step1: update Tizonia’s Debian packages $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

# Step2: update Tizonia’s Python dependencies # (Note that new versions of some of these Python dependencies are released often, # so you should do this frequently, even if there isn’t a new Tizonia release)

# For Tizonia v0.19.0 or newer: Python 3 dependencies $ sudo -H pip3 install –upgrade gmusicapi soundcloud youtube-dl pafy pycountry titlecase pychromecast plexapi spotipy fuzzywuzzy eventlet python-Levenshtein

# For Tizonia v0.18.0 or older: Python 2 dependencies $ sudo -H pip2 install –upgrade gmusicapi soundcloud youtube-dl pafy pycountry titlecase pychromecast plexapi fuzzywuzzy eventlet python-Levenshtein && sudo -H pip2 install git+https://github.com/plamere/spotipy.git –upgrade




# Hall of Fame

If you are interested in participating, please read our [contribution guidelines](CONTRIBUTING.md) and don’t hesitate to ask (via the bug tracker, [chat](https://gitter.im/tizonia/Lobby) or any other means!).

Here are some of our contributors: