# Contributing

Welcome!, and many thanks in advance if you finally decide to contribute to Tizonia.

The following is a set of guidelines for contributing to the project, definitely not rules. Use your best judgement, and feel free to suggest changes.

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  • [How Can I Contribute?](#how-can-i-contribute) - [Reporting Bugs](#reporting-bugs) - [Suggesting New Features](#suggesting-new-features) - [Improving the Documentation](#improving-the-documentation) - [Contributing with Code](#contributing-with-code) - [Spreading the Word](#spreading-the-word)

  • [Resources](#resources)

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[Issue Labels](#issue-labels)

## How Can I Contribute?

### Reporting Bugs

Bug reports are absolutely necessary to keep the project alive. When you are creating a bug report, please provide as many details as possible.

### Suggesting New Features

You are more than welcome to submit ideas for new features and enhancements through the bug tracker, just include as many details as you can, including potential implementation options.

### Improving the Documentation

Documentation is always a work-in-progress. Doxygen and Sphinx are the tools we use to produce the official documentation. We also have a Wiki (in need of some love!):

contain some useful information (although in need of an update).

Here there is a tutorial that will get you going quickly with the documentation processes:

### Contributing with Code

Tizonia has a hybrid codebase with some modules written in C, other written in C++ and some other written in Python. There are also various tools that are written in Bash and Perl.

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Unsure where to begin? You can start by looking through the good-first-issue or help-wanted issues:

  • [Good first issues][good-first-issues] - issues which should only require a few lines of code.

  • [Help wanted issues][help-wanted] - issues which should be a bit more involved than good-first-issue issues.

There are also a good number of proposed features that should be quite fun for someone looking for a challenge: * [Enhancements][enhancement] - Newly proposed features and other improvements.

Have a look at the [project’s components](PROJECT.md), and follow the instructions to build and run the codebase locally. - [Build Tizonia from source (with Meson) (RECOMMENDED)](BUILDING_with_meson.md). - [Build Tizonia from source (with Autotools)](BUILDING.md).

[good-first-issues]:https://github.com/tizonia/tizonia-openmax-il/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+label%3A%22good+first+issue%22 [help-wanted]:https://github.com/tizonia/tizonia-openmax-il/issues?q=os+x+label%3A%22help+wanted%22 [enhancement]:https://github.com/tizonia/tizonia-openmax-il/issues?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Aissue+label%3Aenhancement

And of course, don’t hesitate to ask!.

### Spreading the Word

Do you use Tizonia and have fun with it?. Do you enjoy listening to your music easily and without fuss, directly from your command-line? Then why not spreading the word among colleagues and friends.

Or simply starring any of the repositories in the Tizonia [organization](https://github.com/tizonia) would be a good way of showing your appreciation.

## Resources

  • See [PROJECT.md](PROJECT.md) to learn about the various parts of project.

  • See [ROADMAP.md](ROADMAP.md) for a view on what things are coming next.

  • See [CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md](CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md) to keep Tizonia an open and welcoming environment.

  • See [BUILDING_with_meson.md (RECOMMENDED)](BUILDING_with_meson.md) for instructions on how to build Tizonia from source (with the new Meson build system).

  • See [BUILDING.md](BUILDING.md) for instructions on how to build Tizonia from source (with the legacy Autotools build system).

  • See [docs.tizonia.org](https://docs.tizonia.org/) for the project’s official documentation.

  • The [Wiki](https://github.com/tizonia/tizonia-openmax-il/wiki) may also

contain some useful information (although in need of an update). - See [CHANGELOG.md](CHANGELOG.md) for details on what has gone into each release of the project. - Tizonia OpenMAX IL is released under the [GNU Lesser General Public License](COPYING.LESSER) version 3.