User Guide

Tizonia provides an efficient and unbstrusive music search and listening experience by following a few principles:

Simplest CLI UI

Because the keyboard is faster than the mouse you get to listen to the music that you want in less time. Music plays almost immediately.

Play the music, not matter what

Tizonia uses fuzzy string matching techniques to match your search keywords against the data provided by the streaming services. This maximizes the chances of finding the music that you want. When a search returns no results Tizonia may at times try a ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ guess.

Non-stop music

Tizonia’s play queue always runs in looped mode. There is currently no way to configure non-looped playback (although this may be added in the future, see 1).

Limit the distractions

By limiting the interactions. No fast-forward or rewind. Only skip to next/previous track (see 2). There is no elaborate ‘ncurses’ CLI interface to interact with. But there is some track info and a simple visual progress bar.

Reduced ‘muscle-memory’

Finding the music that you want and listening to it should require a single command-line option on the terminal. E.g.: tizonia --spotify-album Islands. Bash and Zsh completions are available. There is also a Oh-my-zsh plugin available `here <>_.



There are plans to add an option to disable looped playback:


There are plans to add seeking, useful for long shows and podcasts: