Snap Package

In addition to Debian packages, Tizonia is also available as a Snap package.


The official Snap package of Tizonia is available from the Snap Store, for the following architectures:

  • amd64

  • armhf

  • i386


Snap packages are a bit different, the $HOME directory of a snap package is under $HOME/snap/<package-name>/current/. Therefore, when the Snap of Tizonia is installed, Tizonia’s configuration file needs to be found under:

  • $HOME/snap/tizonia/current/.config/tizonia/tizonia.conf


Tizonia writes its configuration file on first run. That means, you need to run Tizonia at least once after installation, in order for tizonia.conf to be populated in its directory. After that, you can include there your login information for the various services supported by Tizonia. See Configuration File under the [tizonia] section.


Note that if you simply copy your existing tizonia.conf from a previous installation of Tizonia, i.e. from $HOME/.config/tizonia/tizonia.conf, Tizonia installed as a snap will not work. This is because the component-paths directory is different in Tizonia Snap installations and Tizonia Debian installations. For the Snap package to work, your tizonia.conf needs to have the following content in that section of the config file:

# Component plugins discovery
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
# A comma-separated list of paths to be scanned by the Tizonia IL Core when
# searching for component plugins
component-paths = $TIZONIA_PLUGINS_DIR

The tizonia-snap GitHub Repository

For more information about Tizonia packaged as a Snap, please visit the package repository on GitHub: