Streaming from YouTube is possible without credentials. Simply use one of the command-line options provided.


The Tizonia configuration file contains a block under the [tizonia] section like the one pictured below (see also Configuration File).

# YouTube configuration
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
# To avoid passing this information on the command line, uncomment and
# configure as needed.
# youtube.api_key = youtube api key. Optional but RECOMMENDED to avoid
#                   problems when the daily quota of the interal api key
#                   is exceeded. To create your YouTube api key, see info at:
# youtube.buffer_seconds = size of the audio buffer (in seconds) to use
#                          while downloading streams. Default: 60.
#                          Increase in case of cuts.

Tizonia is distributed with its own internal YouTube API key which is used when making requests to the YouTube service. The YouTube API key has a daily quota and the request limit may be exceeded in occasions, as there are many users of Tizonia globally.

E.g.: [YouTube] Youtube Error 403: Daily Limit Exceeded. The quota will be reset at midnight Pacific Time (PT)...

If you see this message, it is RECOMMENDED that you create your own YouTube api key, and add it to your tizonia.conf. See info at:


This is the minimum size of the audio buffer (in seconds) that Tizonia will use while downloading the audio streams. It may be increased in case of cuts, but usually not required. Default: 60.


--youtube-audio-stream arg

Play a YouTube audio stream from a video url or video id.

--youtube-audio-playlist arg

Play a YouTube audio playlist from a playlist url or playlist id.

--youtube-audio-mix arg

Play a YouTube mix from a video url or video id.

--youtube-audio-search arg

Search and play YouTube audio streams.

--youtube-audio-mix-search arg

Play a YouTube mix from a search term.

--youtube-audio-channel-uploads arg

Play all videos uploaded to a YouTube channel (arg = channel url or name).

--youtube-audio-channel-playlist arg

Play a playlist from particular YouTube channel (arg = ‘<channel-name[space]play list-name>’).


$ tizonia --youtube-audio-mix-search 'the final countdown'

$ tizonia --youtube-audio-channel-playlist 'UCGJdzJQ3R1BpahSvcFq23HA masters of metal'

$ tizonia --youtube-audio-channel-uploads 'UCGJdzJQ3R1BpahSvcFq23HA'

$ tizonia --youtube-audio-stream v2AC41dglnM