To stream from SoundCloud Tizonia needs to be authorized to access your SoundCloud account. For that you need to obtain your OAuth token provided by SoundCloud and put it into your tizonia.conf file. For more details please read about the Connect with SoundCloud feature.

Please go to Aratelia’s Website 1 to retrieve your SoundCloud OAuth token.

Tizonia - Connect with SoundCloud


The Tizonia configuration file contains a block under the [tizonia] section like the one pictured below (see also Configuration File).


When credentials are stored in your local tizonia.conf, please ensure that this file has the correct file system permissions to prevent other users from accessing your credentials.

E.g.: $ chmod og-rwx $HOME/.config/tizonia/tizonia.conf

# SoundCloud configuration
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
# To avoid passing this information on the command line, uncomment and
# configure your SoundCloud OAuth token here.
# To obtain your OAuth token, Tizonia needs to be granted access to your
# SoundCloud account. Visit for the
# details.
# soundcloud.oauth_token = X-XXXXXX-XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
# soundcloud.buffer_seconds = size of the audio buffer (in seconds) to use
#                             while downloading streams. Default: 600.
#                             Increase in case of cuts.

This is the minimum size of the audio buffer (in seconds) that Tizonia will use while downloading the audio streams. It may be increased in case of cuts, but usually not required. Default: 600.


--soundcloud-oauth-token arg

SoundCloud user OAuth token (not required if provided via config file).


Play the tracks currently listed in the user’s stream.


Play the tracks liked by the user.

--soundcloud-user-playlist arg

Play a playlist from the user’s collection.

--soundcloud-creator arg

Search and play the top 50 tracks from a creator.

--soundcloud-tracks arg

Search and play tracks by title (50 first matches only).

--soundcloud-playlists arg

Search and play playlists by title.

--soundcloud-genres arg

Search and play genres top tracks (arg is a command-separated list).

--soundcloud-tags arg

Search and play tags top tracks (arg is a command-separated list).


$ tizonia --soundcloud-tracks 'all right now'

$ tizonia --soundcloud-creator "twit"

$ tizonia --soundcloud-genres "piano"

$ tizonia --soundcloud-playlists "joe satriani by Jimmy Mendoza"



Aratelia is Juan A. Rubio’s consultancy and Tizonia’s sponsor.