Tizonia can stream audio from a Plex server. To stream from a Plex server, it is necessary to provide the base URL where the server can be contacted and the authentication token. These two elements must be provided on the command-line or via configuration file.


The Tizonia configuration file contains a block under the [tizonia] section like the one pictured below (see also Configuration File).


When credentials are stored in your local tizonia.conf, please ensure that this file has the correct file system permissions to prevent other users from accessing your credentials.

E.g.: $ chmod og-rwx $HOME/.config/tizonia/tizonia.conf

# Plex configuration
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
# To avoid passing this information on the command line, uncomment and
# configure your Plex server and account auth token here.
# To find how to obtain a Plex user authentication token, see:
# plex.base_url = xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (e.g. http://plexserver:32400)
# plex.auth_token = xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (e.g. SrPEojhap3H5Qj2DmjhX)
# plex.buffer_seconds = size of the audio buffer (in seconds) to use
#                       while downloading streams. Default: 600.
#                       Increase in case of cuts.
# plex.music_section_name = name of the music section in your plex library
#                           (default: Music)

The base URL of the Plex server, e.g. http://plexserver:32400.


The user authentication token to be used during communication with the Plex server. To find the token:

  • Sign in to your Plex account in the Plex Web App.

  • Browse to a library item and click on the Get Info menu item.

  • From the Media Info screen, click on View XML.

  • Look in the URL and find the token as the X-Plex-Token value


For more details see


This is the minimum size of the audio buffer (in seconds) that Tizonia will use while downloading the audio streams. It may be increased in case of cuts, but usually not required. Default: 60.


The name of the ‘music’ section in the Plex library that will be used by Tizonia for searching and streaming. Defaults: Music. Useful for users that have renamed their music library to something different from the default or users that have more than one music library.


--plex-server-base-url arg

Plex server base URL (e.g. ‘http://plexserver:32400’. Not required if provided via config file).

--plex-auth-token arg

Plex account authentication token (not required if provided via config file).

--plex-music-section arg

Name of the Plex music section (needed if different from ‘Music’; may be provided via config file).

--plex-audio-tracks arg

Search and play audio tracks from a Plex server.

--plex-audio-artist arg

Search and play an artist’s audio tracks from a Plex server.

--plex-audio-album arg

Search and play a music album from a Plex server.

--plex-audio-playlist arg

Search and play playlists from a Plex server.


$ tizonia --plex-audio-artist 'Santana'

$ tizonia --plex-audio-track 'five miles out'

$ tizonia --plex-audio-album "Draconian Times"

$ tizonia --plex-audio-playlist "Mike oldfield popular tracks"